Sardegna’s Rustic Luxury

A world apart from Italy’s mainland, Sardegna seduces your senses with its signature aroma of myrtle and wild fennel. While it is better known for it’s celebrity-clad Costa Smeralda, we prefer to venture inland to discover the hidden treasures of its rugged mountain landscape. For a deeply authentic rustic luxury experience, Su Gologne Hotel is a destination in it’s own right. Upon setting foot, it immediately becomes a place that you’ll never want to leave. It wraps you up with its lush gardens and its brick pathways that lead to chic terraces with breathtaking views of Oleana’s imperious mountains. That the staff is hospitable without being stuffy, makes you feel right at home.



The cuisine at Su Gologne is deeply rooted in Sardgenian culture and tradition; despite being an island meat is a primary source.


One of Sardegna’s secluded beaches… timing your visit is key to take advantage of this hidden gems without the crowds.


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